Weekly resource post #3: Postcards

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I’ve launched the SelfCare Backpack shop https://buff.ly/3ecOGMd! There are a pack of resources there for pay what you want (use the code scb2020 to get the digital only ones for FREE and the physical copies for half price). Each week I’m going to do to a bit of an intro to one of the resources to give you a sneak peak of what to expect 🙂

This time: postcards!

I’m not quite sure where this idea came from. It kind of just popped into my head while I was doodling around for new things to add to my talk and workshop. This one was the one that made me wonder if I could put together a pack, a set of resources that people would want. I got them printed on super nice card with rounded corners, and I remember how happy I was the first time someone picked them up at a workshop and went ‘ooo they’re nice’.

I like tactile, solid things. I’m a big fan of having things in my hands and writing things out. I talk about it a lot in my work, the power of writing things down, out of your head where they’re more ‘real’. They can being power to thoughts and remove power from thoughts. They shine light on how ‘real’ the thoughts are. If you’re anxious, verbalising or writing can lead to straightened thoughts, realising how small your anxieties are in reality as opposed to how big they feel, how suffocating and awful.

When you’re looking for solace, writing gratitudes and accomplishments can set them on a pedestal, where they belong, instead of lurking in a corner behind all the ‘shoulds’ and ‘buts’.

I try to give people a framework in which to find how and what works when it comes to shining lights in the right place.

There are two postcards.

‘Things to remember’. A light in the dark. What do you need to remember in dark times? This isn’t a ‘why are you feeling bad, you have everything’. This is a ‘you’re so strong’, ‘you’ve achieved so much’, or ‘you deserve to be happy’. If you have a mantra, an intention, or something that keeps you going, or grounded during rough times, this postcard is where you can store it. In those times where your brains is trying to obscure good things, you’ll have something to turn to.

‘Just what I need to hear’. Similar but not exactly the same as the above, though could be very similar. Sometimes you need to hear something specific when you’re feeling down. It could be a reminder you’re loved, or that you’re super resilient and this will pass. It could be that you should go pet a cat, or get a cuddle from someone, or have a dance party by yourself, because that always makes you feel better. Maybe it’s a compliment you’ve received that has stayed with you. Maybe it’s the name of a friend you can talk to.

External reminders can be so useful. I have a online doc of nice things people have said to me that I can review when I need to remind myself that I’m good at my job or I’m a good person. It’s a lovely way to quieten my imposter syndrome or anxiety.

Do you have any mantras or phrases you use to centre yourself? Or some reminders? I’m always really interested in how people connect to and use writing in their self care!

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