All services are being delivered remotely until it's safer to do otherwise. All workshops and talks also have been changed/updated to include covid relevant tips and tools

At Self Care Backpack I offer:

– Talks
– Workshops
– Consulting

All around mental health, self care, and employee wellness programs. I’ve got experience from being someone with mental health issues, a mental health first aider, and someone who has ran many wellbeing events and sessions throughout my employment. For specific examples, see below.

Not sure what you need? I can tailor sessions based on your specific group of people, budget, and number of attendees. Email me either using the contact link below or for a no obligation chat about how I might be able to help you.

For coaching, see my individual coaching page


Talks cover self care, wellbeing, and wellbeing at work. Examples of talks:

  • Have you tried? – tips for talking about mental health at work, for both employees and employers.
  • Self care when everything’s terrible – self care when you don’t have the time/energy/ability to do your normal full self care routine


Workshops focus on the tools in the Self Care Backpack Resource pack. The aim is to get people thinking about self care in a deliberate way, as well as finding ways to be kinder to themselves.


Ground rules are set to ensure that people are in a safe, comfortable space.


Workshops are around 2 hours, but I can make them longer or shorter as needed.


The Self Care Backpack resource pack

Consulting and other services

Consulting is focused around wellness initiatives and training to put processes and a support network in place to help with employees’ mental health.

Custom work
I can completely customise and combine any of the above to meet your specific needs and circumstances. Please contact me and we can discuss options for your SCB package.