Holiday survival/help package (digtal)



This is for the digital/downloadable pack only.

Let’s talk about mental health at the holidays. This feels even more important this year when you might be dealing or navigating the holiday season in a different and maybe not a great way.

You might be spending the holidays alone, or working in a stressful situation. You might be facing forced proximity, whether with people you want to spend time with or people you’d rather escape from. You might be facing holidays with grief, whether it’s mourning the loss of a person or just the overall losses of the way of life and holiday traditions that 2020 has made impossible. You may be terribly conflicted, desperate for the warm glow of being with loved ones but unable to travel for safety reasons. My hope is that firstly, you get through the holidays, but secondly, that something in this pack is helpful for you

– Encouragement cards
– Holiday tips
– Prioritisation worksheet
– Colouring sheets
– Resources

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