Free Self Care Pockets Exercise



Want to figure out what self care means to you? This exercise is a good place the start! The Self Care Pockets is the first exercise of my Self Care Resource pack, and foucses on making your self care activities visible to yourself.

This exercise comes with explanatory notes, but at its heart it’s about realising the things you do to look after yourself. Once it’s visible, you can see if there’s something you’re neglecting, or want to do more of. Maybe there’s some self care you’ve developed during the pandemic that you would like to carry forward into the future.

I find writing things down and visualing them makes them more tangible and easy to think about, and this exercise will help you categorise it and also to get over the fear of the blank page.

For more information, and a look at my Self Care Pockets, you can see my youtube video here:



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