SelfCare Backpack resource pack (Digital only)


The SelfCare Backpack resource pack, in digital form only


This the SelfCare Backpack resources, in digital form only. Use them on a computer/phone/tablet, or print them out yourself. The pack includes:

– Instructions for each section
– SelfCare pockets, for figuring out what SelfCare means to you
– Postcards for reminders of good things in dark times
– A month-long mood tracker
– Permission slips, for giving yourself permission to do that thing. There are some that I have created, and blank ones so you can give yourself (or others!) the permission you need
– Some colouring pages
– SelfCare maps (one with UK resources, one with spaces for non-UK resources, and one that’s completely blank)

This will give you some guidance and pointers for where to begin when it comes to filling up your self care backpack!


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