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Affirmations for sustainable change

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I used to be really mean to myself. My self talk was negative and self-sabotaging. When I started to look into how to change and manage this, affirmations came up as an option. I liked the idea of affirmations, but I’d never found any that resonated. I decided to make my own way of using them to allow me to make sustainable change in my life. I’ve found this really successful, and in this course I share how I have used affirmations. Some choice quotes:
[on how I use affirmations] Think about a change that I want to make in my life, can I word that as a future compliment and then use that as the groundwork or the foundation for changes I want to make in my life. To focus on the positive side rather than the negative side.
The thing about this affirmations work is it’s not about everything being positive all the time. It’s about giving you a framework to be kinder to yourself and push back against that self talk, and help see yourself clearly. Give yourself constructive feedback when you need to but also celebrate your successes when you have them
  Included in this course is: – Six videos, with exercises for you to complete – A 30min zoom call with me at any point for support and guidance (Valid for 6 months after purchase) – Access to the SelfCare Backpack discord community
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