Augusts theme: feeling your feelings

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After a bout of covid I am back to regular posting! And I’m here to annouce August’s theme.

August is going to be about feeling your feelings. I know there are a lot of responses to being told to feel your feelings, a lot of which boil down to ‘what does that even mean?’ or ‘feeling my feelings isn’t this issue! I feel them all the time, I’d like to feel them less!’ and I understand both of those responses.

This month will cover:

  • Feeling your feelings in a safe way
  • How to engage with your feelings when you’re not sure how to being
  • Ways to meditate and sit and be when that’s not something you’re used to

And a bunch of other things. I’ll be sharing my own methods and things I’ve learned in my own journey with re-learning to feel my feelings after using dissociation as a coping mechanism with overwhelming feelings, or when in a place where it wasn’t safe to feel anything at all.

I’m really looking forward to this one, this journey was and still is really important and a large part of my life. I hope everyong finds it as useful as I do!