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Want to get clarity on what self care truly means for you? How about learning to be kind to yourself? Want to make consistent change in your life?

Maybe you’re not sure what you need, you just know you want to work on your self care, self talk, or generally invest some time in yourself.

This is where I come in.

I’m a trainee person-centred therapist, which means I believe you have all the knowledge and insight you need to make the changes you want to, I’m here to help you find it. I hold the space, full of empathy, authenticity, and safety, and together we explore what you need.

What I believe:

  • The relationship you have with yourself is the most important one you have in your life
  • Like all relationships this requires deliberate time and effort
  • This journey can be joyful alongside the difficult times

What I do:

  • Hold and open, safe space for you to explore your feelings
  • Help you navigate your relationship with yourself
  • Bring years of experience and tools to help you relfect and grow in a way that works for you

What people say

About me

Hi, I’m Gem, the founder of SCB.

I want to help people figure out self care for themselves, the way I did for myself. As someone with chronic mental and physical illnesses I know that self care isn’t always pretty or instagram worthy.

My tools and coaching is designed to help people at any point in their self care journey, and make their self care work for them, regardless of their life circumstances.

As a trainee therapist, I start from empathy, kindness, and trust. You know your life better than anyone else, and I’ll help you navigate this journey.


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