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Welcome to SelfCare Backpack, a site dedicated to helping you with your self care needs. Whatever your mental health status, background, circumstances, SelfCare Backpack is here to help you with your self care.

What does SelfCare Backpack offer?

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First of all, what is self care?

Self care is any deliberate act to take care of your mental, emotional and physical wellbeing.

What does that actually mean in practice though?

It means self care is made up of habits, routines, as well as one off actions that altogether help you as you make your way through life.

How can SelfCare Backpack help?

SelfCare Backpack contains a bunch of tools and resources to help you find your self care, and help incorporate it into your life.

Whether you need some words of encouragement, or want to start a guided resource pack to really dive into your self care, the SelfCare Backpack shop has options for you, all available in digital and physical forms.

What I believe:

– Self care is different for everyone
– Self care should serve you, however that looks
– Self care is different to treating yourself

What I do:

– Provide tools, encouragement, and coaching to help you find your self care
– Listen, openly and non-judgementally, to what your life looks like, so I can help you fit self care into it

About me

Hi, I’m Gem, the founder of SCB.

I want to help people figure out self care for themselves, the way I did for myself. As someone with chronic mental and physical illnesses I know that self care isn’t always pretty or instagram worthy.

My tools and coaching is designed to help people at any point in their self care journey, and make their self care work for them, regardless of their life circumstances.

All my tools are ones I’ve used or use myself, so these are tried and tested. I’ve also got enough experience under my belt that I can help people make their own tools and resources specific to them.


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